Saturday, May 24, 2008

My happiness

Indeed! Happiness can come from the simplest of things [toni]

Last August 2007 I made Happy, Jolly, Glad... Name it! where I list down the things that made me happy.

I believe, then and now, that happiness is relative. I now add it lingers no matter how short the duration I felt or realized it...It takes root from within... Is it also true to you?

Here is my renewed HAPPINESS list:
* a sound sleep and WAKING UP without being forced to
* reading Lucy Maud Montgomery's works
* mayonnaise
* unexpected text message from ---
* Approved loan application of my co-employees
(a Thank-you-God-moment for me)
* noticing how the cactus I bought grows
* seeing flowers bloom

I also find two blogs on happines that inspired me:
Treasures from Heaven and rejesus blog
(though these did not discussed happiness from simple things)

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