Friday, September 23, 2005

Strawberry-filled biscuit

I really love strawberry-filled biscuit--- not mention here the brand--- especially when I have a high level of appetite. I usually eat it in small bite-sizes. It seems that I am having a novena while I slowly savor the pleasure of eating a stawberry-filled biscuit. I do this kind of ritual whenever and wherever as long as it is my all-time favorite that I am eating.

September 6 is one of my low appetite day. As expected I don't have the interest to eat a lot. I skipped breakfast, not by choice, simply because I don't feel like eating. I felt that my tummy is full, though its not. On my way to school, I dropped by the Honeybee store and bought two strawberry-filled biscuit. I ate one pack on the bus and kept the other on my bag. Nothing changed, the biscuit is delicious. I was just unable to enjoy eating it.

I also wasn't able to eat much during lunch, though the meal I ordered is really tempting. The food was left almost untouched. (May God forgive me already for wasting food.) I bought two packs of soda crackers---handsa off to the brand---on my way back to school. I ate one pack while walking and set aside the other one on my bag.

One o' clock. World Literature class. I directly went to my seat. I then opened the soda cracker when Dhomz saw me on the act. He asked me for a piece. Instead of giving him a piece of the soda cracker, I offered him the Strawberry-filled biscuit inside my bag. Porto was looking while me and Dhomz are into business. They talked a while after I hand to the latter the biscuit. Then they asked Ms. Fiestada if they can go to the C.R. Unfortunately their request was denied. So they ate the biscuit secretly while their heads are already armchair- level. I can't help myself but draw a smile on my face. I am not sure if I thought then that they're making fun of their situation or they are being resourceful just to feed their hungry pinworms. The said incident, or should I say anecdote, is something that made me see things lightly on an otherwise bad eating day for me...

The story, however didn't stop as we are dismissed form class. On September 11, I had a dream which involves my favorite strawberry-filled biscuit, Dhomz and Porto. Things evolve on eating the said biscuit because the two wasn't able to eat lunch. Ms. Fiestada caught them while eating and asked them who gave them the biscuit. The two pin-pointed me...the hell are they! I can vividly see how I blushed on my dream. Who wouldn't if eyes are all set on you?