Friday, September 30, 2005

"If I am going to be a material in your bedroom, what would I be and why?"

Marie Grace sent me this message which is actually a chain message. I replied to her implying that she's the socks which I wore every night to keep me warm all through out the night. She texted back to say how much she appreciate my reply.

I then passed the message to most of my Smart subscriber friends. Proud to say, I received heartwarming messages.

Loveleen texted that I am the lampshade in her room. I just can't remember her reason.

I am July's alarm clock.The rationale is crystal clear---I am apt to be her minute minder.

Emy texted that I am her Calendar of activities so someone would remind her of her daily to do's. There's no reason for her to miss any appointment. The irony here is that I also tend to forget some of my commitments; which I am working out not to dominate me.

Cristy texted that I am the glow-in-the-dark stars and angels in her room, so that she'll be able to feel my presence whenever she stare on the ceiling while she's still wide awake at night.

I was and is deeply touch by each symbolism mentioned above... I really am! But I am not contented, not with their text messages but with the quantity of replies that I received.

I also want to hear from You. I hope you won't mind spent a couple of minutes to answer this: "What bedroom material am I for you?"