Friday, November 20, 2009

My long lost friends have the same first question... and it annoys me.

I always recieved the same FIRST question, whenever I meet long lost friends. Not that I'm unhappy to see them, their first question just never fail to get into my nerves.

Yes, I understand that they want to "catch up" on the latest things about me (ofcourse, and vice versa). Our exchange of stories help us draw and keep our friendship intact.

But the always FIRST question thrown to me "Hows your love life?" annoys me.

Can't they wait for me to open up about this matter? (As IF I have something exciting to share about my love life when its actually just the absence of it?).

Okay, I admit that the question itself and the manner by which my friends ask me about it aren't the ones that make me blush and wish to simply disappear. It is rather the fact that I do not have any thing to say about my so-called love life because there's none. Plain and simple.

However, I am easily relieved of annoyance. I give all the credits to my friends who always stop bugging me whenever I answer their query with "What love life?" ^_^


witsandnuts said...

Hello there! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Ibyang said...

ganun yata talaga ang culture nating mga pinoy, especially with friends. ang unang bati ay tanong na personal. when i was young, i never took notice of it. now taht i'm a bit older, i sometimes find it annoying too when the first question is kinda too personal.

Tsina said...

Correct, very annoying. Ako, tumatawa na lang ako ng bongga. Hehehe. Pag sinabi mo naman na wala, susundan pa ng "bakit?" tsk tsk.