Saturday, October 10, 2009

From me to my brother's ears (and beyond)

I've heard my bother's side of the story. I understand but do not agree with his course of actions.

If only I am given the chance to have my say, I'll tell my brother:

Be sure that the choices and actions you do at the time being serve as your stepping stone to a brighter future, and definitely not otherwise.

If things are getting a bit tougher along the way, don't hesitate to have a break. A breather will clear your mind and will help you decide on the right and best alternate route to take.

It is okay to take risks, but make sure it is the calculated ones---risks to your advantage.

Also, keep in mind that the accountability to every thing you do is solely yours ( Blame and escape goating is not part of the equation).

It is not too late for a change.

I hope my bro will open his mind and consider this perspective.