Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sun smile before dusk

10 July 2009, around 6PM. It was heartwarming to see striking, yellow-orangish rays of the sun after a heavy rain and before it finally set for the night. It was a sun smile before dusk.

The weather, here in Tanauan, for the past few days was "Sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon". Weather for July 10 was no exception.

When it rains, it pours. It usually rain for long hours and then drizzle at night. Rain leaves me feeling gloomy (and I admit it, sleepy too) and makes me think that the remaining office hours too tedious.

Something deviate from the ussual wether pattern last July 10. The rain will stop before dawn, giving way to the beautiful smile of the sun. The rays of the sun was striking yellow-orangish as it bid good bye before it set.

It seems that the sun is trying to tell me that there is hope and beauty every after storm. Indeed. As I look around, I noticed how fresh-looking the plants are. The ambiance is better, the air was cooler.

Maybe it is true that something good is being cooked during bad times. Just wait and see.

As Ms. Jo said, be thankful for the storm.



witsandnuts said...

Nice photo. It means a lot that you were inspired by one of my posts. Keep the positivity! =)