Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's day 2009 fun

I am single. Never been attached. Self confessed virgin.

Irrelevant tagline for a mother's day article? I beg to disagree. Read my story and discover the reason behind my sentiment.

I woke up and saw my mom feeding my lola--- the usual Quaker oat meal, papaya slices, putong Tanauan, and Anlene milk. (This is a free ad. ^_^)

After a while I heard my mom greet my lola "Happy Mother's day!"

My lola replied "Thank you!"

My mom said "Aba, tama ang sagot mo ah."

As I ate my breakfast, I said "La, hindi pa pala kita nababati... 'Happy Mother's day, La!'"

My lola answered "same to you!"

"Ano lola?" I exclaimed as I heard my mom laugh out loud. Of course I also laugh ( after I made a deep sigh).

Then I remembered the previous night's frolics:

"Hindi ko babatiin si inay bukas ng 'Happy Mother's day!'" my tatay said

"Bakit?" we asked.

He said "Baka kasi sumagot si Inay ng same to you, hindi naman ako mother."

We laughed.

And on mother's day we laughed more.

Yeah right, lola tend to give wrong answers these past months and it was my fate to be answered with "same to you".

Our mother's day celebration included laughing and re-enacting lola's answer to my greeting (for the benefit of my father and brother). It was definitely mother's day--- my lola's day.


witsandnuts said...

That was sweet. I suddenly miss my late grandmother.