Friday, August 08, 2008

Domino Effect

I was very frustrated yesterday--- and its work-related. It would be unethical of me to discuss here the details behind my frustration; so I’ll only post what I felt and what I thought of the situation briefly.

Here goes the subjective Renin:

If only the other member of the group/org. did their part promptly, the service I am tasked to render will be done with out hassle at all. But the sad truth hurts (and left me hurting and not in the mood yesterday).

I find it hard to accept that our department becomes the reference point of fault when we are not actually at fault. This made me very frustrated.

I have thought that what happens to us is like the domino effect: Even if we, in our department, do our best to perform our assigned tasks on time (if not ahead of time) the result will not be satisfactory if the other department can not (the instances I try to understand) or will not (the times that makes me frustrated) try harder to provide service on time. Our service depends on the other department, if they perform poorly, we also end up with poor performance. :(

Metaphorically, my frustration is caused by a domino effect (minus the assumption that the linkage is only a hypothesis, because I do not think so it is a mere educated guess).

Yes, domino effect or is it not?

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Sinta said...

Sounds like the place I work. The IT department. We get blamed for everything, even though we didn't do anything wrong. People only notice us when things go wrong.

witsandnuts said...

I wrote something related to this last June. This might help you.

Hope you feel better now. Keep the positivity!