Monday, February 25, 2008

Ask Angela

Ms. Eva lend me this book last Monday during lunch break. She was so enthusiastic while handing it to me. She even told me a gist.

I didn't read it immediately though(which was my usual response when receiving a a loaned book)simply because it is about a dog (I was not a fan of dogs, I am a pussy lover). So I left it in my bookshelf until I decide to browse it this morning.

I told myself "I shouldn't have delayed reading it." I admit that the book touched my heart. I have realized a lot of simple and important things from this book. Those things that I have neglected since I can not remember when.

Here are some:

* Count your blessings.

* There really isn't any special place that we're going to, like a destination. It's all in the walking. So lighten up and enjoy the trip and sniffs.

* Life goes better with someone to play with.

* Trust and affection may come as gifts, but are most often earned through patience and an open heart.

* Make a fuss over friends you see. Greet them as if it's been years since the last time you met... Really share your glee because every one deserves to be treated like a celebrity once in a while.

* When giving a hug, be polite and ask first. Notice that in a hug there is no difference between the hugger and the hugged. Hugging is an equal opportunity way of giving what you need to get, ang getting what you need to give.

* Even when you adore someone, keep in mind that everyone needs some room for their own body. Everybody takes up space and needs some free air around them to breathe. It is real act of love not to rowd or smother with love the one you love.

* For thrills and excitement, take the road less traveled. There is nothing like a new views and fresh frangrances to add bounce to your step.

* Set aside five minutes for quite each day. Allow nothing to get accomplished in this period.

* Recognize how you feel when you're scared. Grow used to it. Don't plan on doing anything really courageous without it.

* Daydream.

This book is very inspiring. It is empowering. The approach of the author is also awesome. This is a must read.